Friday, 27 January 2012

Tips on Motivation and staying active.

I have been asked how I stay motivated and active. So I decided to start a guide on how I have found the best way to always stay motivated and moving!


Although I do enjoy working out, that hasn't always been the case. In fact, I used to dread it. So how did I stay on top of it?

Well one way I did was dress for working out. If I spent the money on the clothes and then wore the, I would be more inclined to work out. Think about this way, if you had your hair done, a killer dress and your heels on, wouldn't you be more likely to go out and show it off?

That is the same principle. I get my mind geared up, that when I have this certain type of clothes I WILL work out.

Once you get in that mind frame, you would be amazed at how quickly the motivation will come and stay.

Another way is I have that Fat picture. You know the one. The one where you can see every roll, every inch of an unhealthy life and the misery on my face. It keeps me in check. I have it memorized, so every time I want to quit, I pull that up and I remember I don't want to be there. This also stops me from putting certain foods in my mouth. Do I need that Ice cream? The donut? That cake and brownie over there? NO, I do not need that! I what I need is this apple, carrots, grapes and bananas.

Staying Active:

I wasn't born in a gym rat. I actually never worked out in a gym till AFTER I lost 75lbs. I honestly did not want to pay for a member ship when I couldn't use it to the fullest. So I started walking.

Every day after work I would go for a 25 minute walk. The more I walked I noticed the quicker I could do it and the farther I could go. Before I knew it I was walking for an hour burning 400 calories. I had my daughter in a stroller and she loved our evening walks. It turned into a daily habit that I was proud of.

Then I started going to the gym to lift weights, increase cardio and take classes. Now, I have heard many thoughts and fears about the gym, and I just wanted to set the record straight, at least from my point of view.

1. "I have no one to go with". Now I understand wanting to work out with someone. It can make the time go faster and if someone is waiting on you, you are more than likely going to go. But never fully relay on someone else to make you work out. If you get in the habit, what is going to happen if they get sick? Or if they go on vacation? Or anything else? You are more likely to stop going.

2. "I am afraid of others judging me". When I am working out to my max, I do not notice ANYTHING. The world around me blacks out and all I can see is what I am doing. I could have someone next to me shouting my name with no pants on and I can honestly say I wouldn't notice. If I start noticing others and judging them, then I am not working out as hard as I should. I would need to pay attention to what I am doing more than what you are doing.

And you should be proud of yourself for even trying than scared of what others might think.

3. "I don't know what to do". This one I understand fully. But thankfully we have this wonderful thing in our lives called Google and Youtube. I have looked up so many exercies on my journey that it is hard to remember them all. Sometimes I go to the gym with a journal with my findings to try out. Heck, I will take my magazine in that states "Do these for killer abs." and "Want Jessica Alba's arms? Well here is how". Also, a lot of machines have pictures on what to do; gyms offer classes to teach you the right technique; or there is always the option of paying for a personal trainer till you get the hang of it.

I hope these help and remember, you are doing this for YOU and no one else!

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