Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Table for Four

After the craziness of Brett's arrival, we were finally a family of Four. Having one baby is a huge change, but having two, is a whole different thing.

Right off the bat, Savannah was in awe of her baby brother. Which made this transition so much easier. She was thrilled to have approval over his name. After finally telling her that her brother's name is NOT going to be Bon Jovi, she was happy with Brett.

We came across the name Brett when I was looking up baby name meanings.

Brett means: Originally from Britannia. Seeing he was born in Britain, we found it fitting. Isaac is a family name.

All Savannah wanted to do was look at her baby brother and help feed him or hold him. Meanwhile, I was trying to adjust giving my attention to two children. Sometimes I would feel guilty about spending more time with one than the other. It is a fine balance.

Thankfully, my mother in law and her mom came out to help us. They kept Savannah busy, helped me around the house while I was healing, and would take turns with him at night.

Since he was early, he was already a week old before they came out. He lost 13% of his birth weight and was down right tiny at that point.

(That is a premie outfit)

I can say now he not only finally started gaining weight but at three months, has doubled his birth weight (yes, my little guy is now 13lbs!!).

But I wouldn't change a thing. I love watching them interact with each other. Now that Brett is three months old, he can laugh and smile when his sister sings or plays with him. It's a whole different world, but it is a happy (and sometimes sleepless) one. We are starting to get the hang of this.

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