Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fast food vs healthy food

I had a discussion (or close to one as you can get on an online forum) about the price of fast food vs healthy food.

I’ve been hearing the excuse “Fast food is just cheaper…” or “Healthy foods are too expensive!”  I felt the need to defend healthy products such as fresh produce and healthy cuts of meats. So, I started to see why they felt fast food, or just processed foods, where the way to go. 

When I ask them what they are buying, I am floored to find out that not only do they buy produce out of season, they feel the need to buy ONLY Organic. Now, if you are into the whole Organic movement, that is fine, but I PERSONALLY feel it’s crazy to ask consumers to pay over double the price for the same product. 

When I finally picked my jaw up off the floor, it struck me that I should start a blog series of my not so secret method of eating right, meal planning and produce.

Know what is in and out of season. You will pay well over triple times the price for out of season fruits and vegetables.  Here is an amazing guide:

Planning can help you get like ingredients, which will cut down on the cost of meals. If I have seven recipes in front of me, and three have the same herbs in it, I will plan those three first .

When I have canned items or items that can be frozen, I stock up when they are on sale. We eat a lot of ground turkey in our house, when I found it at Safeway for $3 a lb, instead of $6 a lb, I stocked up! Turkey can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months (that’s half a year!).  That is two for the price of one. When tomato sauce is on sale for $.20 a can, I stock up! I think you get the point of this one. When you spot a deal and go “That is a great price” why just buy one? The more you have on hand at the cheaper price, the less you have to buy later for full price.

I saw someone post this great article, this is food for thought:

Now with my steps out there, I am going to start a new blog series I hope you enjoy! I am going to make my delicious healthy meals then breaking down what it costs per person. You’ll be amazed at how cheap it is to eat healthy and at home!

Vermont Turkey Loaf Breakdown: Here
Pizza Roll-Ups Breakdown: Here
Spicy Goulash: Here 

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