Thursday, 30 June 2011

Last day of June- OB appt.

I still can't believe that this is the last day in June. And it was a crazy one (weather wise). But then again this IS England, so I shouldn't be surprised when it goes from beautiful and sunny to down right pouring and thundering.

So Savannah and I loaded up with our rain gear to go pick the husband up from work and go to my 24 week appointment. This was the first appointment that we have taken Savannah to. She doesn't do well in small spaces for a long period of time so for the sake of my blood pressure I usually take her to the sitter.

However this time we could not get a sitter in time, so it was either bring her along or leave her in the car, which I believe I would be arrested for so I rather not go through that, so I decided to take her in. Hey I had someone to help me watch her, her own father!

After waiting for I don't know how long and having to listen to "Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes", oh and also dealing with the dreaded scale the doctor arrives. We were waiting for the result from our last ultrasound.

And the results are...

He is perfect! Well as perfect as a incubating baby can be.

Everything is right on target. His brain, kidneys, stomach, ext. He is measuring a day behind his due date, and he is in the 37% for his weight. And his heartbeat was 155 BPM. Savannah was so excited to hear his heart beating.

We are betting he will be small like Savannah was when she was born. She was a whole 6 lbs 12 oz and 19 ins long.

Awww.. little baby! I can't wait to compare baby pictures! He already kicks like her.

As far as me, the pregnant one. I am right on target as well (Like mother like son?!). I am where I should be with my weight (I would like to be 5lbs less) as I've gained 15lbs so far. My stomach is measuring exactly where it should be. So all good news around, except I have to do the glucose test AGAIN. But that's for another day.

Well, I'm off to go work out. Take care.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Internet, Issues, and Ideas

Hello again!

Sorry I didn't post a 24 week update but we were having internet issues. Actually we've been having a lot of issues but I digress.

Anyways, we made it back from Germany and we got to spend all of Father's day on a bus from Germany back to England.

But we got to be together, well mostly because one of us sat by ourselves. The trip itself was fun but exhausting. We went to bed around midnight every night and was up and ready by 7am every morning.

But nothing compares to when Savannah saw her daddy walk across the stage to graduate. She started yelling at the top of her lungs "HI DADDY... GO DADDY GO DADDY GO DADDY". The whole room broke out in laughter at the excitement of this little girl seeing her daddy.

If you'll notice everyone laughing and looking back at us. Because she just didn't say it once, no. It was over and over followed by a "WOOHOOO YAY". I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes, so I'm surprised this picture isn't blurry.

She sure did make a boring graduation very interesting! She had a blast in Germany, we did as well. I am having withdrawals from the food.

But as I was saying we where having internet issues, as well as maintenance issues, hospital issues, and car issues. After waiting around for a week waiting on people to arrive or answer the phone we got the issues resolved and I had a great idea during that week.

One of my ideas was to give Savannah new hair do. Which I think was a great idea if I say so myself.

My other ideas was baby names. Because when your stuck home from 8am-3pm (thank you BT for a short window of waiting time) and your being kicked that is what happens! Here is what our list is so far:

  • David Alexander
  • Michael Spencer
  • Shane Michael
  • Eric Michael
  • Kyle Reed
We, well I am, hoping to narrow it down SOON but we do have our own personal favorites!

Now onto the baby bump update. I have both weeks First we have last week with the help of Savannah (she loves her baby brother already).

And next is today's picture, 25 weeks. I took this right before my awesome work out! Which I have gone to the gym every day this week and last! I am feeling great.

I have my OB appt tomorrow so hopefully I will have an update on baby boy. I also can't believe tomorrow is the last day of June. Oh my, where did this month go?!

Oh that's right, I was moving!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

23 Weeks, Germany, Stitches!

Well Another week has come and gone and now I am 23 weeks along, that leaves 17 more weeks to go! It is crazy how fast this is moving along. I never thought I would get to 20 weeks, and now I want it to slow down, well maybe not!

Baby boy is still doing good. No name yet thought we have narrowed it down to ONE name, which would mean normally that we've picked the name... But no, someone isn't ready to commit to his ONLY son's name. I keep looking at new names, but it makes my eyes go crossed eye, and well he just sits there and kicks the living day lights out of me.

We are finally settled in our new house, we are in the process of setting up his room. With Dora's help..

We have our theme we want down, now to just start getting everything. But the registration is done so YAY!

I finally got my stitches out of my finger, not to anyone's pleasure (Savannah's, baby boy's, or mine) but I'm happy its taken care of!

Also we are going on a trip to Germany (YAY!) so don't mind the mess in the back ground (sorry packing) but here is this weeks pictures....

What the baby looks like at this stage. (thanks to babycenter)
Me and baby boy from the side.

And from the front.. we are ready for Germany!

Well that is all for now, just wanted to do a quick update! Now to get a few hours of sleep! Take care everyone <3

Monday, 13 June 2011

Hooray for being potty trained.. or so we thought.

When we started the idea of potty training Savannah, we where welcomed with the sound of "NO POTTY TRAIN!!" from a certain child.

Fast forward 6 months, and thinking it was going to be the death of us, we finally got her on the potty, fighting us the whole way. But once she actually learned what going "in the potty" ment she LOVED it. Grasped onto it right away, having little to no accidents. We couldn't have been more proud. As proud as one can get when being yelled at in a public building "I need to poop NOW!"

Now fast forward again another 8-9 months and its present week.

And all of a sudden our hard work seems to be going out the window. Someone is having accidents three, four times a day. We as parents, are staring at each other trying to understand what is going on with our little girl.

So I talk to her, and other than having a "bo bo on my toe" she doesn't know why she can't go in the potty. So I turn to my good friend Google. And I find out all these articles relating to our plight.

Has the child been stressed or dealing with:

*A new environment
*A new baby/pregnancy
*Change of routine
*Feeling left out

Umm.. Check.. Check.. Check.. Check..

With the move she wasn't center of attention, changed her routine and of course new environment. And with the baby on the way.. that doesn't need an explanation.

So now we know WHY the sudden change... now how to get it back to where it was?!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

My other child of the four legged variety

I've decided today to talk about my other baby. Not the four year old or the one I'm growing in my stomach, but the furry one that likes to wake me up at 7 in the morning by sitting on my pillow and purring. Yes, I'm talking about my little (term used loosely) kitty, Dora.

I love my kitty. Probably not as much as this lady but Dora has become a part of this family, my "other child".

How we "acquired" Dora is a story in itself. Because we did not go to a shelter, pet store, or breeder to find her. She came and found us. It was February of 2010, it had just snowed again (in a country that we were told didn't snow or if it did, didn't happen often) and Jeremy was TDY. I was at a friend's house on RAF Feltwell when I heard a kitten crying from outside. After being told I was crazy I opened her front door to find this wet little kitty.

I took her in but my friend's dog Demon scared the living day lights out of her, so she ran away. All the way into the arms of the neighbor who brought her back because we were chasing her (yes, in the snow). When I brought her inside, Savannah looked away from watching her show and said "Mommy, its a Dora!" pointing to the wet kitten. Thus, the name Dora stuck.

We dried her off and gave her food, which she sucked down in a matter of minutes. We then took her to the vets to see if she was mirco-chipped. We found out that she wasn't chipped, nor was she fixed. After posting ads for a found kitty for seven days, she was legally ours.

After chipping her, updating her shots (which ment starting from scratch since she had no record), and fixing her, she became a permanent part of the family.

But I noticed one thing after she settled in. She went from being under weight to becoming "fluffy" around the edges. I took that as a positive sign, eating and all. Until I found her little butt digging through the trash for chicken.

Or sitting at the table begging for my ribs (that only take three hours to cook!). Mind you she sits in MY spot..

So she started getting exercise by going outside. Here in England they don't have screens on their windows or doors so come summer time, when you open your windows to cool off the cat gets out. She owned the neighborhood. But one day, while we went for our family walk (usually after dinner), we heard the familiar jiggle. I turned and there was Dora. She stayed and followed behind us on our entire walk. The next night, same thing happened again, she followed us on our walk. One day she got brave and followed Savannah and I almost to her school!

This silly little cat loves to take family walks. But it only makes sense, since she IS family. I didn't know what we were missing in our family but she did, and that is why she came to us!

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Savannah always has a way of putting words together. I've decided to put them down so when she is older I can show her, her Savannahisms.

1. "When I grow up, I want to be a horse!"

2. "Mommy, I'm a princess.. No wait I'm a dinosaur.. RAWRRRR... Nope I'm still a princess."

3. "Mommy, I need the keys... Why.. Because I have to drive the kids to Burger King."

4. "Look its Africa!" (pointing to a Giraffe).

5. "Mommy, it's Octomom!" (pointing a to pregnant woman).

6. "There is a baby boy in my tummy."

7. "Ahhhh, it's nice to be home for a day."

8. "Everyone needs to calm down, breath... breeeeaaatttth

9. "Your an Arm!"

10. "I'm not from America!!!! I'm from UTAH...Daddy!"

11. "Daddy is playing his stupid game again"

12. "What's your Hunny's name?"

13. "Yea, I'm thunk" (trying to say I'm thug).

14. "I'm to legit to quit."

15. "Knock Knock.... Puppy is eating Grandma."

16. "Can I have a twenty please" (to the cashier)

17. "Hello, I'm your doctor, I see you today then you pay me."

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

He is his father's son.

I have decided to start a new blog for baby related blogs. I will still use my other one but it is an all purpose blog!

Just a quick update on what has been going on..

On mother's day, we found out that will indeed be having a boy! What a great present, we are all thrilled, specially Savannah. She takes this picture of her baby brother EVERYWHERE!

No we still haven't picked out his name but we have narrowed it down to two possibilities. We really like both names so we are stuck, hoping to settle on one name soon!

Also we have moved! The reason for my lack of posting. We are closer to base (and hospital) and we are very happy in the new house. Savannah has a HUGE room now and a big girl bed, but poor baby boy will be in the study!

A little update on me:

I ended up getting four stitches on my ring finger (left hand), moving injury. Other than that I've been feeling great.

Now onto today!

Today I am 22 weeks. Yay, a little over half way. This picture was taken this morning.

And here is what he looks like at this stage (thank you BabyCenter)

Today we also had my anatomy scan so we got to see our little guy. But one thing about our upcoming bundle of joy is that he is a mover. I've been feeling him since 16 weeks, when I went for the gender scan all the pictures were blurry from him just flipping in circles (just having a blast), so I knew the tech had her work cut out today, and oh boy did she!

Everytime she would press down hard to get him to move he would end up kicking so hard she could feel it. Then he said "I had enough" and moved to one corner of my stomach while she was checking him out. She would push down again, zoom in, just to have him move to the other side! Not only was he being camera shy, he was being very stubborn (by kicking and hitting), and just not letting us check him out. He is his father's son!

But after an hour she got all her pictures she needed, we got to see his heart, kidneys, arms, face, legs, brain, and checked out his measurements.

Other than him being breech (we are having a C-section so if he doesn't move he will be alright, but we still have time) everything looked good, have to check in with my OB in a few days to go over the scan and get "checked" up.

But now we have to finish the yard at the other house. Take care!