Wednesday, 11 January 2012

And he arrives

Woah, It has been awhile!

I guess I should catch up on what has been going on.

Well since my last post (August 2011) a lot has happened. I started having labor contractions at 32 weeks and was put on pelvic rest. They slowly started to increase that by the time I was 34 weeks I was in L&D every other day (it seemed) to be monitored. He really wanted out.

It got to the point that they did my group B test juuuust incase my water broke going to another hospital (Our hospital does not have a NICU, so you have to go to Cambridge, a good 30 minute drive). But luckily, I didn't progress (dilate) and I got the pleasure of dealing with the contractions that would last over a minute and I would have them every 3 to 4 minutes. Yea, not fun.

One night we thought "This is it!" I could barely walk or stand up the contractions where so strong. I was in horrible pain and I could do was cry. So they had me come in, we dropped Savannah off and started talking about names (at this point Kyle was out) because we were pretty sure we were going to be bringing home a baby. I was 36 weeks by this point.

Well after being monitered for 6 hours I was sent home for an hour to come back in. After showering and going back in I was sent home because "there is nothing we can at this point until your water breaks or you dilate further". Ok. So home we go. We go on with the day. As we get ready for bed I felt I couldn't take much more. My poor husband could just hold my hand and tell it will be alright.

At 4am, I woke up out of a sound sleep. I felt a "pop" and jumped out of bed. The minute I landed on the floor I felt something going down my leg. I look down and I realized my water just broke!

I ran the bathroom to get off the carpet, because at that point in time that was what was on my mind. Jeremy calls L&D while I yell "It just doesn't stop! Its not stopping!!! THIS IS NOTHING LIKE THE MOVIES!"

We arrive at the hospital at 0430 and they start preping me for surgery. At our hospital, they do NOT do VBACs. So if you have had a c-section before that is what you are getting again. Fun, huh?!

As I continue to say this isn't like the movies and I can't believe the amount of fluids is inside one person, I was wheeled off to the OR. At 0618 I heard his first cry. My sweet baby boy was born, 3 weeks early. He was perfect.

Brett Isaac Grenfell
22 Sept 11
6lbs 11oz
18 ins long

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