Thursday, 21 July 2011

12 weeks to go!

Wooohoo, guess who is finally in their third trimester.. yep, this lady right here (*points to myself*). Only 12 more weeks to go, and before you ask, no we STILL haven't agreed to a name, but I have ordered the invites to my shower!

I've also finished, or started, his room! I was way to excited when his bedding came in that I couldn't contain myself. Now to make the decision to buy a crib or wait till we get back to the states (he will 6-7 months old at that point).

Notice the box of clothes. Those are everything I have gotten for him so far! I am stocking up!

*Note: The bassinet was given to us by friends to use while he fits.

Now being in my third trimester means I'm in the last leg of this long haul, but it also means everything is becoming so real! I'm reaching that point where I can't sleep because its too uncomfortable so I'm left to myself to think about all the things that can go wrong.

I really do a number on myself with that way of thinking. It ranges from him having down's syndrome, to being autistic, all the way to still birth. I know most expetenct mothers do go through some sort of fear/anxious about the health for their bundle of joy. I fully blame the books they give us for "guidance" which after reading will make you want to hide in a closet and never come out.

Between the list of things that can harm the child to the list of things we can't do anymore that can harm the child, I'm convinced that they want us to live in a plastic bubble and drink nothing but bottle water and eat bread (much like prison.. bet they get cookie dough though).

But as I feel him kick (and kick, and kick again) I try to put those thoughts to rest. There is nothing I can do but love him and always be there for him, no matter what. I'm also calmed by my sweet girl, when she puts her arms around my tummy and says "Mommy, I love my baby brother"

I know she will be an amazing big sister. She is already protective of him, yes even while he is IN my stomach, and keeps calling him "cute". Hopefully she won't be TOO mean or should I say BOSSY with him!

As you can tell in the previous picture, I have grown quite a bit in the passed couple of weeks. He has finally decided to show himself, even though no one believes me when I say I'm 28 weeks.

Here is what he looks like inside:

And here is what he looks like from the outside:

I can't believe how fast this is all happening. Only 3 more months and we will be holding our baby boy. It's so crazy..

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Coupons, Savings, and such!

So after much debate, I have started (again) using coupons. I know people spend HOURS clipping coupons, but being over here in England, lets just say we don't have any to clip. Instead people send them from the states as our commissary (our grocery store) takes expired coupons (up to 6 months); so I go through GIANT bags of already clipped coupons. Takes forever, a lot are already expired (yes expired from 6 months passed. What, it expires in '09..??) and multiples of the same ones (dog bones, 6 boxes of cereal, ext).

So I've started this blog to see if it is actually worth the hours it takes to go through the bags, sort, and shop.

And so it begins:

July 15: Saved $5.64
July 16: Saved $8.55
July 19: Saved $10.30
July 22: Saved $9.59 (11%)
July 26: Saved $4.25 (11%)
July 30: Saved $13.05 (13%)

Total in Savings of July: $51.38

August 3: Saved $24.75 (22%)
August 5: Saved $5.65 (15%)
August 8: Saved $25.00 (20%)
August 11: Saved $14.25 (16%)

Total in Savings of August: $69.65

Total of Savings: $121.03

Monday, 11 July 2011

So much to update!

So much has gone on since my last blog, here is the updates:

Savannah FINALLY had her four year check-up (yay!). It's only taken me three months to get her in. Anyways, besides from needing three shots (poor baby) she is great. She is in the 35% for weight and 60% for height! She is exactly where she needs to be and her bmi is perfect. Go baby! She did great in the doctor's office and she has to get her shots this week. I've been preparing her for it.

Savannah also has a new friend she hasn't stopped playing with.

Yes that is a little kitten. We found him on 4th of July weekend. He injured his back leg, had no collar, and isn't microchipped. I know, I have a knack for finding lost kitties.

We are still looking for his mommy and daddy and we do not know if we will be keeping him or not. He is a cutie though, but Dora is not to happy with us at the moment.

Also, we now have a new family vehicle! After much debating (fighting) and frustration, we found what we were looking for and it kind of just fell into our laps (don't you love when that happens?!)

It is an '04 Chevy Trail Blazer. We no longer have our beloved Jetta, as we traded her, yes TRADED, for our new SUV which can hold our ever growing family (kitten included). We all love it and are so relieved and happy this transaction came about.

As for the baby; we FINALLY picked his crib bedding. I can't wait to get it in and I'm so happy we agreed on the same bedding set.

It's only fitting that daddy is a crewchief! Here is a better look at the blanket. I'm so in love with this set!

We still haven't picked a name, but we are getting closer. We now only have 3 names left, slowly eliminating them. Here are the three we have left:

  • Kyle Reed
  • Michael Spencer
  • Shane Michael
Kyle is my number one favorite, but I haven't talked the husband in Reed yet. Hopefully we will be there soon!

I also realized today that I have 93 days to go! WOOHOO. I'm starting to look at baby shower stuff and got to get together with my girls and start planning away. I can't believe its getting close to my third trimester.

And lastly for the update, a picture of my ever growing belly. Since I didn't update sooner I have both 26 weeks and 27 weeks view from

26 weeks view (Thank you BabyCenter)

27 weeks view (Thank you BabyCenter)

And then me at 26 Weeks and 5 Days along. Only 93 days to go!