Thursday, 30 June 2011

Last day of June- OB appt.

I still can't believe that this is the last day in June. And it was a crazy one (weather wise). But then again this IS England, so I shouldn't be surprised when it goes from beautiful and sunny to down right pouring and thundering.

So Savannah and I loaded up with our rain gear to go pick the husband up from work and go to my 24 week appointment. This was the first appointment that we have taken Savannah to. She doesn't do well in small spaces for a long period of time so for the sake of my blood pressure I usually take her to the sitter.

However this time we could not get a sitter in time, so it was either bring her along or leave her in the car, which I believe I would be arrested for so I rather not go through that, so I decided to take her in. Hey I had someone to help me watch her, her own father!

After waiting for I don't know how long and having to listen to "Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes", oh and also dealing with the dreaded scale the doctor arrives. We were waiting for the result from our last ultrasound.

And the results are...

He is perfect! Well as perfect as a incubating baby can be.

Everything is right on target. His brain, kidneys, stomach, ext. He is measuring a day behind his due date, and he is in the 37% for his weight. And his heartbeat was 155 BPM. Savannah was so excited to hear his heart beating.

We are betting he will be small like Savannah was when she was born. She was a whole 6 lbs 12 oz and 19 ins long.

Awww.. little baby! I can't wait to compare baby pictures! He already kicks like her.

As far as me, the pregnant one. I am right on target as well (Like mother like son?!). I am where I should be with my weight (I would like to be 5lbs less) as I've gained 15lbs so far. My stomach is measuring exactly where it should be. So all good news around, except I have to do the glucose test AGAIN. But that's for another day.

Well, I'm off to go work out. Take care.

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