Monday, 13 June 2011

Hooray for being potty trained.. or so we thought.

When we started the idea of potty training Savannah, we where welcomed with the sound of "NO POTTY TRAIN!!" from a certain child.

Fast forward 6 months, and thinking it was going to be the death of us, we finally got her on the potty, fighting us the whole way. But once she actually learned what going "in the potty" ment she LOVED it. Grasped onto it right away, having little to no accidents. We couldn't have been more proud. As proud as one can get when being yelled at in a public building "I need to poop NOW!"

Now fast forward again another 8-9 months and its present week.

And all of a sudden our hard work seems to be going out the window. Someone is having accidents three, four times a day. We as parents, are staring at each other trying to understand what is going on with our little girl.

So I talk to her, and other than having a "bo bo on my toe" she doesn't know why she can't go in the potty. So I turn to my good friend Google. And I find out all these articles relating to our plight.

Has the child been stressed or dealing with:

*A new environment
*A new baby/pregnancy
*Change of routine
*Feeling left out

Umm.. Check.. Check.. Check.. Check..

With the move she wasn't center of attention, changed her routine and of course new environment. And with the baby on the way.. that doesn't need an explanation.

So now we know WHY the sudden change... now how to get it back to where it was?!

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