Wednesday, 8 June 2011

He is his father's son.

I have decided to start a new blog for baby related blogs. I will still use my other one but it is an all purpose blog!

Just a quick update on what has been going on..

On mother's day, we found out that will indeed be having a boy! What a great present, we are all thrilled, specially Savannah. She takes this picture of her baby brother EVERYWHERE!

No we still haven't picked out his name but we have narrowed it down to two possibilities. We really like both names so we are stuck, hoping to settle on one name soon!

Also we have moved! The reason for my lack of posting. We are closer to base (and hospital) and we are very happy in the new house. Savannah has a HUGE room now and a big girl bed, but poor baby boy will be in the study!

A little update on me:

I ended up getting four stitches on my ring finger (left hand), moving injury. Other than that I've been feeling great.

Now onto today!

Today I am 22 weeks. Yay, a little over half way. This picture was taken this morning.

And here is what he looks like at this stage (thank you BabyCenter)

Today we also had my anatomy scan so we got to see our little guy. But one thing about our upcoming bundle of joy is that he is a mover. I've been feeling him since 16 weeks, when I went for the gender scan all the pictures were blurry from him just flipping in circles (just having a blast), so I knew the tech had her work cut out today, and oh boy did she!

Everytime she would press down hard to get him to move he would end up kicking so hard she could feel it. Then he said "I had enough" and moved to one corner of my stomach while she was checking him out. She would push down again, zoom in, just to have him move to the other side! Not only was he being camera shy, he was being very stubborn (by kicking and hitting), and just not letting us check him out. He is his father's son!

But after an hour she got all her pictures she needed, we got to see his heart, kidneys, arms, face, legs, brain, and checked out his measurements.

Other than him being breech (we are having a C-section so if he doesn't move he will be alright, but we still have time) everything looked good, have to check in with my OB in a few days to go over the scan and get "checked" up.

But now we have to finish the yard at the other house. Take care!


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