Wednesday, 15 June 2011

23 Weeks, Germany, Stitches!

Well Another week has come and gone and now I am 23 weeks along, that leaves 17 more weeks to go! It is crazy how fast this is moving along. I never thought I would get to 20 weeks, and now I want it to slow down, well maybe not!

Baby boy is still doing good. No name yet thought we have narrowed it down to ONE name, which would mean normally that we've picked the name... But no, someone isn't ready to commit to his ONLY son's name. I keep looking at new names, but it makes my eyes go crossed eye, and well he just sits there and kicks the living day lights out of me.

We are finally settled in our new house, we are in the process of setting up his room. With Dora's help..

We have our theme we want down, now to just start getting everything. But the registration is done so YAY!

I finally got my stitches out of my finger, not to anyone's pleasure (Savannah's, baby boy's, or mine) but I'm happy its taken care of!

Also we are going on a trip to Germany (YAY!) so don't mind the mess in the back ground (sorry packing) but here is this weeks pictures....

What the baby looks like at this stage. (thanks to babycenter)
Me and baby boy from the side.

And from the front.. we are ready for Germany!

Well that is all for now, just wanted to do a quick update! Now to get a few hours of sleep! Take care everyone <3

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