Monday, 11 July 2011

So much to update!

So much has gone on since my last blog, here is the updates:

Savannah FINALLY had her four year check-up (yay!). It's only taken me three months to get her in. Anyways, besides from needing three shots (poor baby) she is great. She is in the 35% for weight and 60% for height! She is exactly where she needs to be and her bmi is perfect. Go baby! She did great in the doctor's office and she has to get her shots this week. I've been preparing her for it.

Savannah also has a new friend she hasn't stopped playing with.

Yes that is a little kitten. We found him on 4th of July weekend. He injured his back leg, had no collar, and isn't microchipped. I know, I have a knack for finding lost kitties.

We are still looking for his mommy and daddy and we do not know if we will be keeping him or not. He is a cutie though, but Dora is not to happy with us at the moment.

Also, we now have a new family vehicle! After much debating (fighting) and frustration, we found what we were looking for and it kind of just fell into our laps (don't you love when that happens?!)

It is an '04 Chevy Trail Blazer. We no longer have our beloved Jetta, as we traded her, yes TRADED, for our new SUV which can hold our ever growing family (kitten included). We all love it and are so relieved and happy this transaction came about.

As for the baby; we FINALLY picked his crib bedding. I can't wait to get it in and I'm so happy we agreed on the same bedding set.

It's only fitting that daddy is a crewchief! Here is a better look at the blanket. I'm so in love with this set!

We still haven't picked a name, but we are getting closer. We now only have 3 names left, slowly eliminating them. Here are the three we have left:

  • Kyle Reed
  • Michael Spencer
  • Shane Michael
Kyle is my number one favorite, but I haven't talked the husband in Reed yet. Hopefully we will be there soon!

I also realized today that I have 93 days to go! WOOHOO. I'm starting to look at baby shower stuff and got to get together with my girls and start planning away. I can't believe its getting close to my third trimester.

And lastly for the update, a picture of my ever growing belly. Since I didn't update sooner I have both 26 weeks and 27 weeks view from

26 weeks view (Thank you BabyCenter)

27 weeks view (Thank you BabyCenter)

And then me at 26 Weeks and 5 Days along. Only 93 days to go!

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