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Max Interval Circuit Review

Hello readers!

Well I hope I have readers, if not, I am basically talking to myself. That's alright, I like to talk :)

Anywho, I have made leaps and bounds in this crazy workout called Insanity.

Yes, you might remember I posted a while back that I was doing it, I got sick while working and it kind of fizzled out in my third week.

I am proud to say I am on the second month or the "MAX" portion, which if you though month 1 was hard, oh man Shaun T saved the crazy stuff you!!!!!!! You'll see a lot of the same moves, you'll just have a new twist. I have already reviewed all of the first month's workouts (you can find them in my archives if you want to read them). I have now done all of the workouts in the 2nd month, here is the break down of this madness:

You will first start with the 60 (YES an hour) minutes workout called Max Interval Circuit, oh and you'll also kick off month 2 with a fit test! Welcome to INSANITY.

I like the warm up better personally, you'll do three rounds (just like the first month) but the last round is short but you'll go hard.

Warm up:
Shaun T works those Guns
Straight-arm jacks (see you'll see moves, just changed up)
Jump rope
High-knees- arms straight out
Switch Kicks (yes, used to be apart of your work out, now is your warm up)
Hit the floor
S/S Floor hops

Stretch and get yelled at this isn't a coffee break... 30 second water break... get ready to GO!

Now. Are you ready? Really ready? Because you are about to do the most insane workout. I never needed a towel before this workout. I had to refill my water twice. You'll do the workouts four workouts, three times. Ready. Set. LETS GO!

Pedal/Power Lunges

 This might sound familiar (Pedal... pure cardio), you are going to run in place, and when he says go, you are going to jump into a lunge (right leg, then left leg), but your arms going to go UP into the air!

Ski Abs/Push-up Jacks/In-out abs/Oblique push-ups

Mouth full huh?  This is ALL one workout.
Ski abs- go into plank, use your core to jump side to side
Push-up jacks- exactly how it sounds, go down into a push up, your feet jump apart, he LOVES this move. You do it A LOT.
In-out abs- another classic Shaun T move.
Oblique push-ups, a push up with bring your knee to your elbow. FUN! YAY!

Power Strike

Love this move. You are punching the crap out the air (punching down) with your leg going out, every 2 you switch sides. The more power you put behind your punches the more cardio you use. Believe me, 45 seconds and you are breathing HARD.

Frog Jumps

This should be another move you should know by now. Squat down and jump like a frog up, then back. Don't stop! Your a frog.

Now rinse and repeat two more times!

At the end of this series, Shaun T likes to "reward" us with a power move. Nope you don't get a break! Instead, you get a dizzy version of football stance.

You will run in a circle doing football run, clap, then turn and go to the other direction and clap.
Do cross jacks (jumping jacks with one arm)
Run in a circle and clap
cross jacks
Run and circle (I'm dizzy by now)
Cross jacks

YAY you get a water break.

By now you might be pretty tired. But you are about to get into a new set. Remember, this workout is an hour long, and you do four workouts, three times!

Jump Hooks

This is where you hook high for four, hook low (in a squat) for four, then grab your imaginary jump rope and jump high for four.

 High Knee w/Twist

 Its a high knee with a twist!

High – Low Jab w/Squat

 This one WILL burn. I'm warning you now. I may have cried, or have been dehydrated and couldn't cry. I love the kickboxing element he is throwing into this, however jumping from a squat while jabbing isn't my idea of a fun night.

Floor Switch Kicks

 This is what the picture of the girl that looks like she's dying is. You are doing switch kicks, on the floor, and this is death. Pure death. Kudos to Shaun T.

You'll do this again, two more times! You can do it! You are so close.

DING DING DING another "reward" power move!

123- jab across. I actually enjoyed this move. Though I was T.I.R.E.D.

One more set left till cool down....

Ready to find out??
Calories burned for Max Circuit

Side Suicide Jumps

 It's a burpee jumping out to your side.

Squat Hooks

 Exactly how it sounds. Jump down into a squat, as you go down into the squat, throw a hook.

Full Body Drill


1. Arms up
2. Go down, run it out for 8
3. Moving push ups (to the right) for 4
4. Wide run for 8
5. Come in. Go up
6 Go down, do it again
7. Go left...

Plank Punches

Last but not least, plank punches. Exactly how it sounds. You are in a plank, one arm at a time punching, using your core, trying not to fall on your face because you are crazy tired.

At the end... you'll look like THIS:

I will have to say my results have been AMAZING. I have given myself a pat on the back for not giving up even though there has been times when I want to cry, throw up or flip Shaun T off. I have found this to be one of the hardest, full body workouts I've ever done, but I feel accomplished after I do it. 

And here are my results this far: 

(WARNING: I am in a bra. If you don't want to see my "mom" stomach or a bra, then close this page now)

Before Insanity
Taken yesterday






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