Wednesday, 7 March 2012

"Drop and give me 20"

I might be saying "Drop and give me 20" soon! Well to other people besides to my self.

I am finally moving towards my goal of becoming a personal trainer. Since health and fitness are my passion, it would make sense I would want to spread that to others. I have always encouraged and help friends from taking them to the gym and helping them with their forms to making a weekly nutritious menu.

I already know what I want to focus on as far as clientele. I want to work with solely overweight/obese women (and men) to get them to a better and healthier self. I was there myself, I know how it is to be 100+ lbs over weight and not knowing where to start meanwhile making excuses for how I got that big. I would love to be apart of Curves, which does 30 minute interval training for overweight women.

As for taking my first step, I am taking my Personal fitness Trainer Preparatory Course through AFAA (The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) then hopefully before we leave the UK (May) I will take my Certification test to start off our new adventure in Colorado.

I hope I can be motivating to those who want and even more so to those who don't.

Keep a look out if your in Colorado for me! I will keep moving forward in my goal to motivating one person at a time!

*Photo taken today 7 March 2012.. 5 months postpartum.

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