Thursday, 23 February 2012

Yes.. Volleyball

Changing up a routine can not only help your weight loss/healthy lifestyle goal, it will also keep you from getting bored. Nothing is worse than a mundane workout. It will seem to drag on for hours and those last few minutes can feel like torture.

Starting a new class like spinning to kickboxing to zumba can really get you back into the fitness state of mind. Another great way to keep yourself going forward is joining some type of sport team. There are so many different options out there such as: Swimming; tennis; basketball; football; volleyball; softball; soccer; lacrosse; and even golf.

I occasionally take my own advice, and I joined a Volleyball team. We are practicing for a tournament on this upcoming Saturday. I used to play volleyball and loved it! Helps being an amazon of 5'11".

Yesterday was our first practice, and it was so great meeting new people! I already knew we had something in common or we wouldn't be at the gym at 8 o'clock at night gearing up for a 2 hour practice. Once we got the ball rolling (see what I did there?!) I started remembering my old moves and really got into it. I mean if you think about it, you have a good size volleyball flying towards your face, and you are suppose to keep it from landing using your arms as a block and your legs to propel. Now that I am thinking about it, who would come up with this sport?!

Anyways back to the subject at hand, we played/practiced for 2 hours and the time flew by. Before we knew it was 10 o'clock and time to take down the poles and net!

Now I burned almost 900 calories the first night and tonight (combined with a run and 2 hour walk with the family) I burned 1,300 calories! That is almost a days worth of calories!

I know contact sports or those that have large objects flying towards your head can scare a person. Trust me, I KNOW! Not only did I get hit in the face by my own teammate, I have bruised arms,
a bump the size of a golf ball (for future reference, don't try to stop a spike with your wrist),

and a black palm;

I was still there in the gym playing with a great group of people! The pain is only temporary but the sense of accomplishment I get is priceless.

*I am also for preserving one's health. If you are injured PLEASE get it looked at! I dropped out after the swelling on my arm to get ice. I am going to have it looked at if the swelling hasn't gone down in the morning. There is a difference of giving up and not playing and being severely injured! Please listen to your body.

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