Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Insanity: Pure Cardio Review

Going through my past entries, I have realized that I forgot to write one about Insanity’s Pure Cardio.

Now, Insanity, in my humble opinion is intense on a good day (like say Cardio Recovery). To describe Pure Cardio, I believe Shaun T. says it best, “That sh*t is banana’s, yo!” as he is laying on the floor in a pool of his own sweat.

Honestly, I couldn’t say it any better. There are only two designated water breaks through the whole workout. After the warm-up/stretching and after you are done with pure cardio.

Pure Cardio starts you off with Suicide Drills. Where you run side to side and reaching down to the opposite side (run right, take your left arm and cross your body teach the ground near you right foot).

After what feels like forever, you transition into Switch Kick. Jump from one leg to another, and kick out with your opposite leg.

What comes next is my favorite move, Wide Football Stance. You’ll turn right, front left. Then move right left back, set and then sprint it out!

*Remember, there will be no water breaks during these exercises. Please know your limits! This is a perfect time for water*

Next comes Stance Jacks. A lot like power jacks (which you’ll do later), however you reach down to the ground.

Quickly change into Pedal, where you jump into alternating lunges, then sprint it out. Repeat.

*You’ll start to become tired, Power Through!*

Because, you are going into Hooks and Rope. Throw 8 hooks with each arm then high jump (like extreme jump roping) twice. Wash, repeat.

Followed by Power Jacks, then Level 2 Drills.

Level 2 Drills are made up of 8 pushups, run it out to the count of 8, jump up, jump back, 8 pushups, run it out to the count of 8.. get the sequence?

As you may start to feel this is torture, you move into Frog Jumps. Then Power Knees.

After Power Knees, you have Mountain Climbers. Push through, you are almost there! You may feel like the girl in the video that says “I wanna leave” when Shaun T. asks her how she is doing. It is kind of my favorite moment. Good news! 10 minutes left.

Transition into Ski Jumps (another favorite move).

Then Shaun T. says you get a break with the Scissor Runs (feet flat, alternate feet while pumping arms), however he also tired and can’t remember the name of his own move.  

Good News! Only 2 exercises left! Bad news, those would be Suicide Jumps and Pushup Jacks.

Suicide Jumps, goes a little like this: Bend down, plank, jump feet to arms, jump up, bend down, jump into plank, jump back, jump up…… think you get it.

Pushup Jacks, is exactly that. You’re in plank, jump feet apart, do a push up, feet together, repeat.

At the end of this madness, if you are anything like me, you just face plant into the floor, unable to even speak!

Your second designed water break (and a well deserved)then stretching.

Remember! Know your limits, don’t skip the stretching and drink water to rehydrate after that insane cardio!


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