Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. Lately, you might have heard of this product. It is everywhere, T.V., your local supplement store and even supermarkets. It is being labeled as a weight loss supplement. But what do you really know about it?

What is it? How does it work? Why are TV daytime hosts such as Dr. Oz promoting this supplement? And, what are the side effects?

All very good questions, ones that I’ve asked as well; when my husband brought up this product (after seeing it on the news) and wanted to try it. Here is what I have found:

What is it?
Well, Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, is just that. Raw beans of the Coffea fruits. Coffee has been attributed for many years for weight loss factors, including studies that suggest coffee may slow down the absorption of fat from foods.

How does it work?
Great question! Well, all the research that I have done shows that if you take 2 pills once or twice a day, 30 minutes before you eat WHILE MAINTING A HEALTHY DIET AND EXCERSIE, can help slow down fat absorption so you burn it off faster, than trying to burn stored fat. This is a very new product, and isn’t promoted as a miracle drug, however in a recent study of adults who used the pure extract, lost 10% of their overall body weight and 4.4% overall body fat.

Why is Dr. Oz promoting this?
Good question. I believe (I don’t know since I’m not a personal friend with him) that he believes in this product. Most my information on the extract itself came from his site (link will be posted below). Now, he hasn’t indorsed a brand, just the extract itself. He (along with other doctors and researchers) warns you to READ THE LABEL! Make sure you are getting 100% pure green coffee bean extract (GCA or SVETOL ), don’t be fooled by the word PURE on the name. If the bottle doesn’t list the ingredients or has fillers and artificial ingredients, DON’T BUY IT!

What are the side effects?
Well, there haven’t been any serious side effects linked to the pure green coffee bean extract, because it is in the purest form. Though there is excitability and other effects from the caffeine (think about drinking a few cups of coffee). If you have an intolerance or an allergy to caffeine, are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is in your best interest to not use this product.

 After reading everything, I decided to support my husband and try this product out myself. I have read the labels and made sure we purchased 100% Svetol (a company brand of the extract) and vegetable dissolvable (for the casing of the pills). I am not interested in the Miracle Pill, as I know they do not exist. After reading MANY reviews on this supplement, I have noticed one thing most negative reviews had in common, that they believed that this would make them lose weight without changing what they eat and becoming active. When it didn’t work they blamed the supplement.
What I have noticed from the supplement, is that added energy from the caffeine. I would not advise to take it before dinner, unless you have a hardcore workout planned later in the evening. I usually take it before lunch and the energy lasts (for me) the rest of the day and into my workout (which helps during those long runs and Insanity). As for the weightloss part, well I haven't seen it yet, because I'm only on day three of this. The pills are rather expensive, so if you rather save your money and drink that cup of coffee, I would go for it! Well that is it for my review. If you would like more information on the product you can visit these sites:

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